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Главная Прием иностранцев в Курске Prokhorovka + Kostroma village, park «Keys»

Prokhorovka + Kostroma village, park «Keys»

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Prokhorovka + Kostroma village, park «Keys»

 iconThe program of the tour

Group meeting.

Visiting the memorial complex of the battle of Kursk in the village of Yakovlevo, the monuments to the heroes of the artillery of the USSR V. S. Shalandin, I. N. Kozhedub, A. K. Gorovets.
A visit the territory of the Museum-reserve "Prokhorovskoe pole", which appeared on the field of the battle, where were killed more than 10,000 soldiers, the majority of whose names are known and featured in a special Museum room. Among the exhibits of this Museum under the open sky, it should be noted military equipment, several monuments, and the memorial "Belfry", set in the heart of past hostilities.
Visiting the Museum of Military glory of the Third military field of Russia- a modern Museum complex with a total area of 5000 m2, which was opened in the spring of 2010. Visit the temple of Peter and Paul - a monument to soldiers who died during the tank battles during the battle of Kursk.
Trip to the village of Kostroma Park "Keys" (ethnic village)

Departure to Kursk

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